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ISIN: LU0232955988

Invest in fascinating technologies and promising companies from the environmental technology sector

The transformation of the economy into a CO2-neutral circular economy is an imperative task for this century. The greatest pressure for change results from climate change and the associated existential threat to our natural livelihoods.

The Paris climate targets as well as the European "Green New Deal" lead to immense investments, governmental subsidies and political support for the transformation of many economic sectors, in the field of circular economy, sustainability and environmental protection.

At the same time, zero CO2 emissions by 2050 require new technologies and approaches to be able to achieve this goal at all.

- Plastic recycling without loss of quality

- innovative technologies around hydrogen

- sustainable fuels for aircraft

- algae as an all-rounder: CO2 absorption, omega-3 food supplement, food coloring

- Chemical products from renewable raw materials

- reduction of climate-damaging methane emissions from livestock

These are just some of the areas that can help protect the environment while offering good return opportunities.

FPM Ladon therefore invests in these or similar technologies and companies.
In our view, this will result in excellent market opportunities for many years to come. With this focus on climate protection, we clearly distinguish ourselves from ordinary ESG investments.

Good return opportunities with a clear conscience


The transformation of the global economy to CO2 neutrality, sustainable raw material cycles and environmental compatibility have become so necessary that the green tech trend will remain a core global economic issue for decades to come.

Companies that make key contributions or provide technologies for this transformation can be among the fastest-growing companies in the coming decades.

FPM Ladon does not invest broadly in companies with good ESG scores, but focuses on the profiteers that can effectively help the world transform, continue to grow for a long time, and earn very well.


Fund information

Investment style thematic fund, stockpicking
Investment objective greatest possible appreciation, risk adjusted
Equity universe predominantly European stocks of all segments
Fund manager (Lead) Raik Hoffmann
Fund manager (Co) Martin Wirth
Benchmark none
Currency Euro
Appropriation of earnings distributing
ISIN LU0232955988
Date of issue November 7, 2005 (since March 1, 2022 with above strategy)

Fund manager

Raik Hoffmann, CFA

Member of the Board

Experience in German equities: Since 1997

Responsibilities: Fund management, equity analysis and corporate management

Funds: FPM Funds Stockpicker Germany Small/Mid Cap & FPM Funds Ladon mutual funds


  • 15 years at DWS Investment GmbH – managing the DWS German Small/Mid Cap fund, as a member of the European small/mid cap team of DWS and the DWS macroeconomics team and responsible for risk scenarios

Graduate in business administration from the University of Leipzig (Dipl.-Kaufmann)


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