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Legal Notice/Terms of Use

Validity of data

FPM Frankfurt Performance Management AG (hereinafter: FPM AG) continually reviews and updates the information on its website. Although the utmost care is taken, data can sometimes change in between updates. That is why no liability will be assumed or guarantee provided as to whether the information provided is current, correct or complete. The same applies to all other websites to which hyperlinks refer. FPM AG is not responsible for the contents of websites visited on the basis of such links.

Furthermore, FPM AG reserves the right to amend or qualify the information provided. FPM AG therefore recommends accessing and reading this document regularly in order to be familiar with possible changes. As a result, information once published on this website must not be understood to mean that matters have remained the same since publication or that the information is still up-to-date following its publication. The validity of the information and recommendations may change based on market developments and their targets. The information and opinions contained in these documents come from reliable sources. However, FPM AG cannot give a guarantee of their accuracy.

No recommendation or offer of services

The content of this website is intended for informative and partly promotional purposes only and does not constitute a business relationship.In particular, the information provided does not constitute legal or investment advice. Solely the individual prospectuses, which are available in electronic form, are legally authoritative.You should not make a decision about a purchase until you have seen the complete documents and risk statements, and have sought legal, tax and investment advice.The information provided on this website is not tailored or oriented to your personal situation.As a result, the information provided may be completely inappropriate for your personal investment decisions. All data is intended solely for your information and does not constitute an offer or solicitation of an offer for the purchase or sale of certain products.

Forward-looking statements

Please bear in mind that any forward-looking statements and commentaries are merely forecasts and are subject to unexpected risks and uncertainties. They can therefore in no way be guaranteed. The value of investment funds and certificates can rise or fall at any time. The future performance of investment products cannot be deduced from the indicated, historical development. As a result, good performance in the past is not a reliable indicator for positive value development in the future. Investments in foreign currencies may also be subject to exchange rate fluctuations and may correspondingly be associated with higher risks. FPM AG can therefore neither ensure nor guarantee the maintenance or increase of the value of the invested capital.


The contents and structure of the website of FPM AG are protected by copyright. The reproduction of information or data – in particular, the use of texts, text excerpts, images or graphical material – requires the prior consent of FPM AG.

FPM AG is solely responsible for the contents of the displayed FPM AG news.

Basis for purchasing/selling/swapping investment shares

The sole binding basis for purchasing/selling/swapping investment shares is the sales prospectus containing the terms and conditions, in conjunction with the most recent annual report and/or semi-annual fund report of the fund.

The documents stated above are available free of charge in electronic or print versions at FPM Frankfurt Performance Management AG, Freiherr-vom-Stein-Str. 11, 60323 Frankfurt am Main, Germany and Universal-Investment-Luxembourg S.A., 15, rue de Flaxweiler, L-6776 Grevenmacher, Luxemburg. The sales prospectus contains detailed risk indications.

These statements are based on our assessment of current legal and tax positions. In this respect, no guarantee can be given that the tax assessment will not change due to legislation, jurisprudence or decrees issued by the fiscal authorities. Any such changes can also be introduced retroactively, thereby adversely affecting the outlined tax consequences. The tax information is not intended to address all of the tax considerations that may be significant on account of the personal circumstances of the individual investor. Therefore, potential investors are advised to seek advice from a member of the tax consulting professions about the tax consequences of acquiring, holding or selling investment shares.

Further information on taxation can be found in the sales prospectus.

FPM AG does not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained herein.


The data on past performance is based on the BVI method, i.e. it assumes the reinvestment of distributed earnings to net asset value without taking into account tax considerations. The data on past performance does not take into account the initial sales charge. Fees, transaction costs, commissions and taxes are not included in the presentation and would have an adverse effect on returns. Data on the performance to date is not an indication for future performance. All figures are subject to inspection by auditors on the reporting dates.

Data Privacy Statement

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