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FPM Funds Stockpicker Germany
All Cap
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FPM Funds Stockpicker Germany
Small/Mid Cap
Specialty? Undervalued treasures


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FPM Funds Stockpicker Germany


ISIN: LU0124167924

Value investing in all segments of the Germany equity market: Focused. Disciplined. Independent.

As value investors we look for attractive undervalued companies with a promising business model whose management, competitive advantages and market position we can assess properly.

Our investment philosophy is as focused as our investment universe: we concentrate on the German equity market, which offers us plenty of investment opportunities.

We know this investment universe intimately: we deal with our target companies continuously, we follow them over a long period of time and we cultivate regular contact with the respective management teams.

We look for undervalued companies regardless of indices and benchmarks. For the FPM Funds Stockpicker All Cap we exploit the flexibility of all segments of the German equity market – yet with the benefit of the greatest possible independence thanks to our high degree of entrepreneurial freedom.


Fund information

Investment style value investing, stockpicking
Investment objective greatest possible appreciation in value, risk adjusted
Equity universe all segments of German equities
Fund manager (Lead) Martin Wirth
Fund manager (Co) Raik Hoffmann
Benchmark none
Currency Euro
Appropriation of earnings distributing
ISIN LU0124167924
Date of issue January 29, 2001

Fund manager

Martin Wirth

Founder and member of the Board

Experience in German equities: Since 1990

Responsibilities: Fund management, equity analysis and corporate management

Funds: FPM Funds Stockpicker Germany All Cap mutual fund
Institutional special mandate for a single family office

Awards: Numerous awards for the funds managed by him, also multiple personal awards from Sauren Fonds-Research AG, Citywire and others


  • Portfolio manager at Credit Suisse (Deutschland) AG
  • Equity analyst at Bank Julius Bär (Deutschland) AG
  • Equity analyst at Credit Suisse First Boston

Graduate in business administration from the University of Cologne (Dipl.-Kaufmann)


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